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7 Unique things to do in Goa                                                                          

May 2, 2023Travel0 comments

Goa, a coastal paradise in India, is a popular destination for travelers seeking beautiful beaches, tropical weather, and a laid-back vibe. But beyond the beaches, Goa is also home to a rich culture and history that can offer unique experiences to visitors. Here are some unique things to do in Goa that are worth exploring:

Visit the Old Goa Churches:

Goa has a long and fascinating history of Portuguese colonization, which is reflected in its stunning churches. Old Goa is home to some of the most beautiful churches, including the Basilica of Bom Jesus and the Se Cathedral. The Basilica of Bom Jesus is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and holds the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier.

Experience a Spice Plantation Tour:

Goa’s climate and soil make it an ideal place for spice plantations. Visiting one of these plantations is an excellent way to learn about the spices and herbs that are commonly used in Indian cuisine. You can also enjoy a traditional Goan meal made with the freshest ingredients.

Explore the Local Street Markets:

Goa is known for its vibrant and colorful street markets. From jewelry and clothes to spices and souvenirs, there is something for everyone. The Mapusa Friday Market and the Anjuna Flea Market are two of the most popular markets in Goa.

Take a Crocodile Sightseeing Tour:

Goa’s dense mangrove forests and rivers are home to several crocodiles. Taking a crocodile sightseeing tour is a unique experience that will give you a chance to observe these creatures in their natural habitat.

Attend a Traditional Goan Music and Dance Performance:

Goa has a rich culture of music and dance, which is heavily influenced by Portuguese and Indian traditions. Attending a traditional Goan music and dance performance is a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture and experience the vibrant rhythms and movements.

Visit the Dudhsagar Waterfalls:

The Dudhsagar Waterfalls are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Goa. The waterfall is located in the Mollem National Park, and its name translates to “sea of milk” because of the way the water cascades down the rocky surface.

Take a Yoga and Meditation Retreat:

Goa is a perfect destination for a yoga and meditation retreat. Many retreat centers offer courses that combine yoga and meditation with Ayurvedic treatments and healthy food. This is a great way to rejuvenate and relax while experiencing the beauty of Goa.