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8 Must-Try Restaurants for Authentic Goan Food on Your Next Holiday in Goa

May 4, 2023Food0 comments

Goan cuisine is famous for its rich Portuguese influence and a variety of fish, pork, and meat dishes. While the most authentic way to try local cuisine is at someone’s house, several restaurants offer authentic Goan food. Here are some of the best Goan restaurants that you must try:

Vinayak Family Restaurant, Assagao : 

This family restaurant is known for its golden-fried prawns, fish xacuti, prawn rawa fry, prawn sorpotel, and fish thali. They have daily specials that include delicious local Goan curry.

Ritz Classic, Panjim : 

 This restaurant is a paradise for seafood lovers, and the fish thali is discussed fondly all over the country. Their rice and fish curry, crab masala, butter-garlic calamari, and fresh seafood thali are some of the best dishes on their menu.

Mafia Cocktail, Pilerne, Marra : 

This is a popular hangout spot for locals who enjoy their seafood. The pork sorpotel and sannas come recommended, and you should also order the chicken xacuti and prawn curry rice. Don’t forget to try the caramel custard for dessert.

Fernando’s Nostalgia, Raia : 

This family-run Goan restaurant boasts of a menu that includes authentic Goan as well as Portuguese dishes. Their menu has staples like prawn curry rice, beef xacuti, sannas, veg caldinho, shark ambotik, and other seafood preparations. They even have some interesting pickles, sausage pulao, dry mackerel salad, and mixed meat sizzlers. Pair the food with homemade feni cocktails for the perfect meal.

White House Bar & Restaurant, Dona Paula : 

This small Goan food restaurant is located on the roof of a white house and is known for its authentic Goan food. The menu is small, but the chicken xacuti, Goan prawn curry, chicken cafreal, and pork vindaloo are a must-try.

Café Sussegado Souza, Calangute : 

This restaurant is set inside a Goan-Portuguese bungalow and provides guests a chance to indulge in an authentic Goan meal with the ambience setting the mood right for the experience. The food here is definitely worth celebrating. Visit for the veg xacuti, pork vindaloo, beef chilly fry, butter garlic kingfish, prawn recheado, and the crab curry.

The Fisherman’s Wharf, Panjim : 

 This restaurant is one of the must-try restaurants in Goa and has outlets in both North and South Goa. Get yourself king prawn recheado, pomfret in butter garlic sauce, chicken cafreal, chorizo pao, or a hot bowl of prawn curry rice.

Edward’s Yard, Bambolim  : 

Edward’s Yard is where locals like to bond with their loved ones over local comfort food. Head here to relish fresh catch of the day and Goan food.

The rich and diverse Goan cuisine has something for everyone. These restaurants offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy the local Goan food in a cosy, comfortable environment. Don’t forget to try out the recommended dishes for the best culinary experience.